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A journey to self-discovery



This is an atmospheric studio on the Kharkiv Massif (Kyiv) where you can practice various types of yoga, meditation and try other directions for the development of body and soul.

Our qualified instructors have extensive practical experience in the chosen field and will be able to offer you the optimal load, taking into account your physical training and individual characteristics.

Each of the instructors has his own "horse" and unique style of conducting classes, so you will surely find a company to your liking with us.

Is Yoga-Lifestyle what you were looking for?
Then see you in class!

Why us?

For beginners
For the experienced
Different directions
Not just yoga
 Not just for the body 


To each his own!
"There are classes here for every taste and color! The hall is cozy, clean and pleasant. I like it here so much that I brought my husband and my mother) We all go at different times and to different teachers. It is very cool that you can find something which suits each of us without having to walk far. The studio recently launched classes for children. It's a shame that our little one is still too young. I'm looking forward to bringing him to classes."

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